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The juniors at ARC are a great bunch. We receive coaching from a fantastic team and are continually progressing to compete. As the squad is developing, we have more and more members from ages 12 to 18 and from many different schools in Oxfordshire.

Recently, thanks to joint funding from the club and a community grant, we have been able to purchase a new coxed quad, named by the squad as “Frank”. This new boat has allowed us to recruit a group of J13 women, who are currently learning to row and then join the rest of the squad. Meanwhile, the rest of the group continues to train and race.

Our current WJ15 quad has won several events in the past year, and we have also had extremely promising results at Gloucester head with 4 victories in 7 crews that competed. With the juniors, everybody is encouraged to compete but you have a better chance of being a more competitive crew if you train harder. 

We train 4 times a week; Wednesday and Friday evenings at 17:30, as well as Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 2-4pm. During the summer most of our outings are water based (weather permitting!) but during the winter months, we do land training on the week days to build fitness for the summer.

It’s not all about training - we also have regular socials organized by one of the juniors and an annual Christmas social. We all get on well with each other and make sure that even though we are training hard, we are also having fun

If you are interested in joining the Abingdon Junior Squad, then please speak to the Junior Coordinator, Kevin Mentzel.  

Novice / Intermediate

After completing a course, new members may be invited to join the novice/intermediate squads and progress to racing, or to row recreationally.

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Senior Men / Women

For those who have some experience rowing or sculling, and who are willing and able to commit to a full training program 6 days a week

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Masters Men / Women

Dedicated to enjoying themselves, the group welcomes rowers with all levels of experience and ability and offers rowing to suit all levels.

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The ARC Juniors are a great bunch of girls and boys ranging from 13 to 18 years old from many different schools in and around Abingdon.

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